As a restaurant, pub, cafe and other food business in the UK, your support will enable the amazing projects we support to use food as a way of connecting people and providing support to those most in need.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

- Support The Starfish Project for a month or two by asking your customers to make a voluntary £1 donation, which is added to their bill

- Allocate a specific dish on your menu as a fundraiser for The Starfish Project – you decide whether a percentage of the price goes to us or whether you make a donation of, say, £1 every time someone orders that dish

- Hold a fundraising event (e.g. a pub quiz or a curry night) and donate a percentage of your takings to us

- Put a collection box next to your till and collect on our behalf

- Make a direct financial donation

How can I get involved?

How long do I sign up for?

You can choose how long you wish to support the Starfish Project.  We recommend a minimum of 2 months for the campaign, and you may wish to support us for longer than that – it’s up to you!

How do customers know what this is about?

We can supply materials which explain what The Starfish Project is, including small table cards with information about the projects we support, our website details and a QR code.  We can also provide collection boxes and posters.

How much administration is there?

There shouldn’t be much administration – allocating a button on the till to The Starfish Project while you are supporting us makes it easy to keep track of donations. 

You can write a cheque or make a transfer into The Starfish Project’s bank account with the proceeds of your fundraising.

It shouldn’t cost anything!  We will provide all the table cards and supporting information and, as explained above, the administration is very simple.  Of course, we will be delighted if you choose to make a donation as well, but you are helping us enormously by giving us access to your customers.

How much will it cost me?

Similar projects which support, for example, homeless charities, report that very few people decline to donate (less than 1%) and often request that more be added to the bill!  Most restaurants find that participating in programmes like this has no effect on the level of tipping and that customers are happy to contribute to the scheme and don’t make any adjustment to the level of tip they would normally leave for a meal.

What if customers object?

Customer donations are added to the bill after the service charge and VAT, so it will not affect your VAT returns.

Will it affect my VAT return?

To ensure that the money raised gets to where it is needed, as quickly as possible, we ask that the money raised is paid over to the Starfish Project at least every 2 months.  If you are able to pay on a monthly basis, so much the better.  We will send you (gentle) reminders if this falls off the “to do” list!  Please use the name of the restaurant as a reference so we know where the money has come from and who we need to thank.  When you sign up we will supply full bank details or you can send a cheque.

How do I pay over the money raised?

We will put your logo on our website, and would be delighted if you would also like to advertise your involvement with this project. 

What publicity will I get?

We have ongoing and trustworthy links with all projects and 100% of the money donated goes to purchasing food and supplies for refugees – none of it is used for administration or salaries.  

How do I know the money will be used properly?