Providing meals for refugees.

This project has been set up out of concern and heartache for the ongoing refugee situation, and a desire to ease the plight of as many people as possible by addressing some of their most pressing needs. Our specific focus is on raising funds to support food projects in areas of particular need, which we aim to do via two channels:

  • Partnering with restaurants, cafes and food businesses, which support us by adding an optional donation to customers’ bills.
  • Seeking donations from individuals.

Please donate and make a difference today!

We would love to receive donations from anyone who shares our concern and objective, and to hear from any restaurant, café or food business that would like to support us.

This website outlines the specific food projects we are currently supporting. However, the needs are changing constantly and any funds donated will go wherever they are most needed. We are in contact with organisations and individuals along the key refugee routes, and receive regular information about what the needs are and how the situation is evolving.