This project was set up by a group of alumni from a Masters programme that aims to address the challenges of sustainability, responsibility and social justice.


Jane Boswell

I have been shocked and saddened by the escalating refugee crisis and eager to do something to make a positive difference. As a mum to two young children, I could empathise with the lengths parents would go to to protect their children and give them a better life. Through having done an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility I joined forces with a group of like-minded people to form the Starfish Project. Professionally, I'm a freelance sustainability consultant with experience in writing & editing, community investment, volunteering, business/charity partnerships, fundraising and environmental programmes. I am also a volunteer youth leader.

Kate Chapman

I am a Mum to two children and have been deeply concerned and moved by the plight of refugees for some time.  I did the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice and was delighted when another graduate of this course put out a call for a group to get together and think of a meaningful way to respond to the current crisis.  I work as a freelance sustainability and management consultant – helping organisations to consider how what they do impacts on communities, society and the environment, as well as helping them to improve their own performance.  My most memorable job was with London 2012 as part of their sustainability team.  I am also a Director of a community owned co-operative which runs a solar farm on the south coast.

Nicole Van den Eijnde

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I have a background in international development through working on community development projects in Latin America, as well as an MA in Education and International Development.  Since arriving in the UK 14 years ago, I have run local, national and international programmes, training and supporting people to bring about social and environmental change.  I am currently Director of Global Generation, an educational charity which involves young people in the creation of integrated communities where people of all ages and circumstances co-create a flourishing future with the planet.  All this work has been motivated by social justice and this extends to my involvement with the Starfish Project and our commitment to support those fleeing war and poverty.

Mandy Thatcher

I’m a writer, editor, researcher, events producer – professionally I do a bit of everything! I’m also a Mum and a human being concerned with how fellow human beings made homeless by war and poverty are facing perilous conditions trying to find a new life. I have completed an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility, which is helping me navigate towards the work I care more deeply about. This is how I came to be involved in the Starfish Project.